Today, the Executive Director of UN Gobal Compact Egypt Mr. Muhammad Al-Fouly and her Excellency Dr. Yasmine Foad had a meeting at the Ministry of Environment to discuss the importance of Climate Action with special focus on Businesses engagement. The meeting essentially focused on maximizing the engagement of businesses in taking responsibility towards the environment. Together, Mr. Al-Fouly and her Excellency Dr. Yasmine Foad spoke about the potential of the UN Global Compact Network Egypt in including the private sector to the Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 to ultimately work together towards sustainability.

Mr. Al-Fouly highlighted the importance of the principle based approach towards achieving the sustainable development goals and how businesses from the UN Global Compact Network Egypt are contributing through their Corporate Social Responsibility Practices.
Her Excellency highlighted the sustainable development strategy as a dynamic strategy that includes all Sustainable Development Goals fulfilling the needs of the country and the importance of mainstreaming the environment into development.

Both parties agree on the great importance of Climate Action being on top of the Agenda. Together, they aim to explore opportunities for collaborating on uplifting Business engagement in fighting the loss of Biodiversity, Land degradation, pollution and ultimately Climate Change.

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