The UN Global Compact Network Egypt is proud to be a strategic partner for “THE FINGERPRINT.” This summit is the first of many to come for Egyptian leaders to advance in the execution of projects related to sustainable development in Egypt, in partnership with Terous Misr Foundation (brand owner and organizer of the event).
Our individual fingerprint is our own unique ‘branding’ feature which we are born with. Each one of us is unique in many ways, from our physical features to our education, experience, skills and knowledge. This is also present in our daily lives, as we all have something different and unique to offer to our communities and so, our fingerprints become our personal legacies. We should aim to have these legacies, left behind for future generations to build on, meaningful, expressive, and with as much added value as possible.
Numerous organizations, governmental entities, private sector companies and nonprofit organizations, face a common challenge – the gap between what needs to be done and what is actually done. This gap is commonly referred to as the “Execution Gap” and represents an organizational issue difficult to overcome. Governments and organizations face many challenges in today’s turbulent economy. As a consequence a gap in understanding, performing, and executing their strategies commonly occurs and reduces the impact of their actions and initiatives.
I hereby urge all our respectful participants, signatories and partners to take part in this event and add your organisation’s voice and expertise to the conversation.
The Fingerprint Summit will be held from April 1st until April 3rd 2018 at the Nile Ritz Carlton. The summit invitation and agenda will be shared with you all shortly.