Dr. Dalia Abd El KaderDirector of Marketing & Mass Communications - AAIB

    Dr Dalia A. Kader is a recognized expert in the fields of sustainable finance and branding financial institutions. Currently, General Manager and Director of Sustainability & Marketing Communications at Arab African International Bank, she is also a Founder, Vice Chairman and Board Member of “We Owe it to Egypt” foundation, the first of its kind to be established in 2007 by a financial institution in the Middle East that started a trend for other financial institutions to join track. Dr Kader is Chair of the Sustainability Development Committee at the Federation of Egyptian Banks. As adjunct professor at the American University in Cairo, she designed and instructed a Sustainability Marketing course for the MBA program.

    Sustainable Finance is a core focus for her ongoing advocacy. Dr. Kader represented Egypt in the working sessions of the G20 Green Finance Study Group that issued the 2017 Green Finance Synthesis Report. In 2014, she launched MOSTADAM platform, the first platform for advancing Sustainable Finance in the Middle East focused on capacity building, policy advocacy and promoting sustainable products and services.

    Dr. Kader has managed to make AAIB the first and only bank in Egypt to join the Equator Principles in 2009 and introduce social and environmental risk management policies and procedures to the Bank’s corporate line of business. The U.N. Global Compact – which recognized AAIB for Best Practices from 2011 through 2016 and the London Benchmarking Group are also part of Dr. Dalia’s serious efforts to leverage international networks to support sustainability programs and provide professional guidelines.

    Substantiated with an inter-disciplinary exposure to finance, political science, economics and sustainability, Dr. Kader conceived the concept of “Humanizing Finance”; one that sees the role of the financial industry in context of environmental and social concerns to create a sustainable life. She also introduced and lectured a proprietary postmodern interpretation of the Marketing discipline in international platforms. She is well versed in national security studies and has special interests in postmodernism and critical thinking. Dr. Kader lectured in several local and international conferences on sustainable finance and sustainability branding including the Financial Times conference “Future of Marketing” in New York in 2016. She is author of several articles on finance for development, national security and international relations.

    Dr. Kader holds a B.A from the American University in Cairo (Major in Political Science & Minor in Economics), M.A. degree in Political Science from the American University in Cairo and Ph.D in Political Science from Cairo University