The UN Global Compact Network Egypt along with GIZ & MTI joint Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (PSME) Program, jointly organized the third Inclusive Business Circle (IBC) session, held under the theme “Implementing Inclusive Business in Egypt: Market constraints and solutions”, on November 28th in Cairo, Egypt.

The third IBC session kicked off with a presentation delivered by Mohamed Shehab Eddin, the Founder and CEO of Resolve Consulting, who provided the participants with an in-depth insight on how to implement inclusiveness in business strategies, the challenges that companies could face along the implementation process, recalling his own personal experience in business.

The IBC session also showcased some of the best practices of Egyptian businesses to foster mutual learning and joint action towards inclusive business implementation in Egypt. The first local example was carried out by Sherif Hosny, the CEO and Co-founder of Schaduf for Agriculture and Trade. For Sherif, Schaduf was established in 2011 to empower and sustain Cairo’s low income communities through rooftop farming, and grew to become a leading supplier of green- technology in the Middle East.

The second local example was presented by Syada Greiss who is a Former Egyptian Parliamentarian and development consultant with considerable experience in the domain of project management, in addition to her contributions in the field of social research and development. She applied her professional skills in supporting the growth and empowerment of non governmental organizations and is currently the Board Chairperson of the Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE), an NGO that was established to address the needs and rights of garbage collector’s communities in Cairo, at the foot of the Mokattam.

According to Mrs Syada, one of APE initiatives was the construction of a center for workshops producing patchwork and recycled paper products. Starting by collecting rags from the textile mills and factories, the center today teaches more than 250 young women how to sort, design, cut, sew, weave, iron and recycle these fabrics into patchwork quilts, bedspreads, rugs, bags and other marketable items.

The Inclusive Business Circle is a joint initiative of the Global Compact Network Egypt (GCNE) and GIZ & MTI joint Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (PSME) Program, that brings together sustainability experts, inclusive business practitioners and enthusiasts, to discuss inclusive business related issues in Egypt.

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