Along the UNGC New Strategy 2020, we are working very closely with the UN Reformation which  enabled more engagement and structure to the UNGC among the UN System.

In 2018, our Local Network’s Secretariat was hosted as a non-profit organization under Global Compact Network Egypt Foundation. As a result of new legislation and changes related to non-profit organizations in Egypt as well as to mandatory integrity guidelines of the UNGC related to the operation hosting and independent decision making related to Local Networks around the world, we changed the host of the Secretariat to a social enterprise in a form of LLC as (Global Compact Network Egypt) for the Secretariat to operate and support its members in a leaner and more efficient way.

At the local level, Global Compact Network Egypt has been working relentlessly to ensure its platform is inclusive and efficiently serves all UN Global Compact Participants and Signatories in Egypt at the highest level and continues to mobilize companies around sustainable development.

The 2019 Local Network Secretariat reformation comprises of updates related to our operations strategy, value proposition, partnerships, and media relations with the objective to improve our efforts around raising awareness and advancing the UN Global Compact Ten Principles and the SDGs.

Our new invoicing system will issue and process your annual contribution under the framing of a training service (i.e. support services provided by Global Compact Network Egypt). Furthermore, your invoice will be tax stamped while your invoiced service is tax exempt and tax deductible from your annual tax return.

At last, we have shifted our banking operation to Credit Agricole Egypt with embedded audited services, which results in new bank information for transferring the annual contribution.

Global Compact Network Egypt
32, Michelle Bakhoum, off Musadak St. Dokki, Giza, Egypt
Account Number:
EGP Account: 11018180152460
USD $ Account: 11018400030675

Account name: Global Compact Network Egypt
Bank: Credit Agricole Egypt, Dokki Branch
EGP account number: 11018180152460
USD$ account number: 11018400030675
Swift Code: AGRIEGCX

A new Programmatic approach that will cover a wider dimension in relation to necessary engagement programs for actual transformation to sustainability.