The SDGs 2030 were formed of our global challenges in all life dimensions and meant to be defined as goals to be achieved jointly for creating the world we all want.

All 194 member states of the United Nations carry a responsibility and commitment to advance the SDGs in their countries with high consideration while they strategically plan, outline and implement their national development strategies, as well as, avail all resources for businesses and all organisations to successfully advance the SDGs in their practices.

Every year the majority number of those countries provide a national report on how their countries advanced the SDGs and outline their road map with clear KPIs to be developed and achieved. These reports are submitted annually to the High Level Political Forum held at the United Nations HQ in July every year. Egypt submitted its first report in 2016 and this year will submit its national report for 2018 to the HLPF.

The UN Global Compact was and still is a key partner and advisory body to the HLPF as the main partner in forming and producing the SDGs 2030. The UN Global Compact Network Egypt submitted our report on our practices of advancing the SDGs through the business community that is considered a very supportive element reflecting on actions urged and strategically advised by the Egyptian government to help and facilitate the way for businesses to advance the 2030 global goals.

This year we will also share and highlight our participant’s business practices and development products that advance the SDGs in Egypt and showcased their solid contributions in supporting and advancing the global goals in their organisations and their related stakeholders including their supply chain. Our report on SDGs implementations in Egypt is considered to be a groundbreaking, supportive tool that facilitates Egypt’s 2018 national report for the HLPF in July this year.

We are honored to share with you our 2017 UNGC SDG report to the HLPF for your consideration and urge you as responsible organisations to keep up the good work you all do to advance the SDGs in your organisations and among your supply chain. (Find in Pages 42 -46 ) *Bookmarked in PDF.

As always we are continuously ready to assist you at all levels to efficiently advance the 2030 Global Goals within your own organisations and along your business sectors.

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