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Conflict and instability not only impact people and the environment, but also pose risks to all parts of the business sector. Business for Peace is a platform of over 130 leading companies from 37 countries dedicated to catalyzing collaborative action to advance peace.

By joining Business for Peace, companies will be able to:

  • Better identify and manage business risks and opportunities while reducing operational costs
  • Engage in public-private dialogue to establish local priorities and implement projects
  • Align business strategies and operations with good practice from across the globe
  • Share best and emerging practices and learn from the experiences of peers
  • Demonstrate leadership and receive recognition for advancing practical solutions

Companies who join Business for Peace commit to:

  • Paying heightened attention to the implementation of the UN Global Compact Ten Principles in high-risk and conflict-affected areas
  • Take action to advance peace, either individually or in collaboration with others
  • Annually communicate on progress

Recognizing that local ownership and knowledge are vital to driving change, Business for Peace has adopted a locally-driven approach. Business for Peace works to develop the capacity of Global Compact Local Networks to support participants in their efforts to conduct responsible business practices and advance peace. 18 Local Networks have already joined this growing movement, including: Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Learn more about the work of our Business for Peace Local Networks

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