Since early 2018 and along the UNGC New Strategy 2020 and we are working very closely with the UN Reformation and the enabled more engagement and structure of the UNGC among the UN System.

At our local level, UNGC Network Egypt has been working for the best scenario acting as an unconditional enabler for our operation to be smooth and inclusive to serve all our participant and signatory organizations at the highest level and together to drive the way to sustainability.

In 2018 we accepted the host of the secretariat at a non-profit organization under (global compact network Egypt foundation) and as a result of new laws and changes related to non-profit organizations in egypt and also to the mandatory integrity guidelines of the UNGC related to the operation, hosting and independency in decision making related to Local networks around the world, We been advised to get step forward and change the host of the secretariat to a social enterprise in a form of LLC as (Global Compact Network Egypt) for the secretariat to operate and support its respectful participants in a greater and independent way.

Reforming our strategies is always mandatory to create significant Sustainable markets and investment opportunities for our participants.

The 2019 reformation includes main changes related to our operation strategy, participants and signatories engagement level, new partnerships with the most impactful organization on advancing the SDGs and maintaining organizations sustainability and partnering with Media to leverage best in promoting our participant organizations and raise the awareness related to our ten principles, SDGs and the necessity of organizations’ Social responsibility.

In Our 2019 a new invoicing system that will be addressed to your organizations to process your annual contribution that will be invoiced as training services provided to your organizations in relation to UNGC Principles (Which is an inclusive term of wording reflecting on all support services that you receive through the UNGC Local Network egypt) Your invoices will be tax stamped yet your invoiced service is tax exempted and it is tax deductible from your annual tax return.

A new bank information as we shifted our banking operation to Credit Agricole Egypt with an embedded audited services and linked to our main office in New York.

Global Compact Network Egypt
32, Michelle Bakhoum, off Musadak St. Dokki, Giza, Egypt
Account Number:
EGP Account: 11018180152460
USD $ Account: 11018400030675

Account name: Global Compact Network Egypt
Bank: Credit Agricole Egypt, Dokki Branch
EGP account number: 11018180152460
USD$ account number: 11018400030675
Swift Code: AGRIEGCX

A new Programmatic approach that will cover a wider dimension in relation to necessary engagement programs for actual transformation to sustainability.